If you have fine or straighter textured hair your hair may stick out because curly hair and straight ends don’t mix well. However style can still be executed flawlessly.

If you have naturally frizzy hair your twists will naturally frizz because we don’t alter your natural hair to conform to the twists. Your hair will conform to twists after 2 weeks.

Fullness of twists can be altered if you have fine hair. Otherwise twists take on the volume of your hair naturally

Every style at Natastic Hair Lounge is unique and will be different every single time

We don’t braid tight so slippage May occur if you have straight or short hair. Sometimes slippage occurs when hair is soft and short.

Nomadik twists get better with time. Before taking your hair down if you haven’t gotten a touch up please schedule one. That allows styles to stay in longer and you can enjoy it to your full potential.

Get ready for your Natastic Experience.