Natastic Products


Refreshing Mist Spray


Made with love, our Natastic Hair oil and Rosewater infused refreshing spray is just that! Refreshing as ever!!! This invigorating mist is designed to refresh, revive and rejuvenate your scalp, hair and braids or twists leaving your hair smelling divine. Packaged in a cute spray bottle, the blend helps you to wash and disinfect your hair while protective styling by adding Apple Cider Vinegar in the mix; just spray directly onto the scalp, let it sit for 20 min and rinse for a natural sheen that you’ll love. After application, we also recommend using our oil for added protection and moisturizing benefits. Ingredients–all of our favorite essential oils ROSEWATER and lots of love!!! 40Z ($20.00)

Zee’s Butter


Simply put, this butter moisturizes your scalp and Body in all the right ways! Yes, it is an all-purpose butter.  The oils and butter infused into this all-natural moisturizer adds a tingling sensation that circulates a healthy blood flow to the scalp. And remember, a well-kept scalp allows your hair to grow thick, strong and healthy. Zee’s Butter also leaves your crown feeling luxurious and soft like the queen you are. With all natural butter and oil Zees butter will leave your hair growing stronger, thicker and longer than ever. Made with all natural butters and Zees oil and lots of more love. we know we love it for your hair we also love it for the body as well!! 2 OZ ($5.00) 4 OZ ($15.00) 8 OZ ($25.00)

Natastic Hair Oil


Natastic Hair Oil is a universal product that can be used in many different ways. Infused with natural herbs and oils, this carefully blended mixture penetrates through braids to not only give your hair a good shine but to also add a supple moisture, which aids in hair and scalp protection. The oil itself is very lightweight and will not leave build up on your scalp.  It is a perfect match for any hair type. And you can even add a few drops in your shampoo to revive roots and/or use it as a deep conditioner or leave in treatment. Use with our Hair Water for a quick and easy way to clarify and restore overall moisture in the scalp! MADE WITH NATURAL OILS AND LOTS OF LOVE. 4 OZ ($25.00) 2 OZ ($15.00)